Steve Wright, middle, with Greg Kihn Band (Richard McCaffrey/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)Original Greg Kihn Band bassist Steve Wright, who co-wrote the group’s biggest hits and dozens of other tunes, died Monday of a heart attack at a hospital in Sacramento, California.

Greg Kihn announced the sad news in a lengthy message on his official website. Calling Wright his “soul brother and songwriting partner,” Kihn maintained that Steve “was the driving force behind the band and always kept it fresh and new.”

Among the songs Wright co-wrote with Kihn were 1983’s “Jeopardy,” 1981’s “The Breakup Song (They Don’t Write ‘Em)” and 1985’s “Lucky,” which peaked at #2, #15 and #30, respectively, on the Billboard Hot 100. He played with the group from 1975 to 1996.

Recalling how “Jeopardy” was written, Kihn noted that he remembered it started with a riff that Wright played him on a Casio keyboard.

“What happened next was magic. I spontaneously started singing ‘our love’s in jeopardy, baby, whoo-who-hoo,'” Geg wrote. “That song wrote itself in about 15 minutes. It was as if the song was floating around in the air and we just snatched it up. Magic! Steve was always sensitive to the magic.”

Kihn also described Wright as “a musician’s musician,” “a natural born songwriter and a creative spark through thick and thin,” and “a monster bass player, the best I ever heard.” In addition, Greg praised Steve’s backing vocals, noting that his “voice complimented mine perfectly and his harmonies were incredible.”

Kihn ended his tribute by saying, “Good-bye Steve, I’ll miss you, my brother. It’s been a hell of a ride. I’ll see you in the next life. Have fun jamming with all the greats in Heaven.”

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