Chicago Review PressLast summer, a young woman named Shana Mangatal detailed her alleged two-decade romance with Michael Jackson in a tell-all book, Michael and Me, including the claim that she lost her virginity to the late icon. Now she’s explaining why she wrote the book.

“He was a human being. He was a man because it seems that as the years go on he’s turning into, not even a human being. Just a caricature, you know? I felt him guiding me throughout the whole entire process of writing it,” Shana tells the website Eur This N That.

She adds, “I was thinking, ‘OK, the universe put me in Michael’s life for a reason and I have an opportunity here to help clear his name. Help people understand who he actually was, because no one seems to be doing that or able to do that,’ and I just felt it was what I was meant to do.”

Shana also shares why it was seven years after Michael’s death before she completed her book.

“It’s difficult. It takes you right back to that moment. And my book is from my diary. Diaries. Like 20 years. So it literally took me back to when I was 17. And 23. You become that person again,” she says.

As for her skeptics, she says it’s equally hard to deal with nasty comments directed her way.

“I can’t read them because I get really upset, she maintains. “Because I put my heart and soul into the book and this is my life we’re talking about; it’s not somebody else’s life that I wrote about. It’s my life. And I made the conscious effort to just write it exactly as it happened.”

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