Legacy RecordingsIn November, Pink Floyd released a massive 27-disc multimedia box set titled The Early Years — 1965-1972 that features a treasure trove of rare and previously unreleased audio and video from the initial part of the legendary British band’s career. The package was divided into several sections, each one focusing on a specific year or multi-year period, and now those sections will be made available for purchase as individual collections on March 24.

Six individual volumes from The Early Years box set will be released: CAMBRIDGE ST/ATION, which covers the years 1965 to 1967, when singer guitarist Syd Barrett led the band; GERMIN/ATION, which focuses on 1968; DRAMATIS/ATION, which looks at 1969; DEVI/ATION, which features music and footage from 1970; REVERBER/ATION, which covers 1971; and OBFUSC/ATION, which focuses on 1972.

Each package is a book-bound collection that features at least one CD, one DVD and one Blu-ray disc. The various volumes contain remastered studio recordings, television and concert performances, film soundtracks, BBC sessions, outtakes, demos, interviews and more.

You can check out details about what each volume contains by visiting Pink Floyd’s online store.

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