Jimmy Nicol with The Beatles in 1964 (Keystone/Getty Images)The Beatle Who Vanished, a 2013 book about the life of drummer Jimmy Nicol, who briefly toured with The Beatles in 1964 after Ringo Starr fell ill, may be making its way to the big screen soon.

Billboard reports that the film rights to the book have been secured by the late Roy Orbison‘s son Alex on behalf of his family’s production company Roy’s Boys Films and 449 Productions, which is owned by Ashley Hamilton — son of actor George Hamilton and actress Alana Stewart.

Nicol filled in for Starr for 13 days after Ringo came down with tonsillitis and pharyngitis. During his short time with The Beatles, the drummer played concerts in Denmark, Holland, Hong Kong and Australia, and appeared with the band at press conferences. When Starr recovered, Nicol received a check for 500 pounds and a watch and was given a ride to the airport. The book, which was written by Jim Berkenstadt, also includes details of Nicol’s life and music career before and after his stint with the Fab Four.

Alex Orbison told Billboard that among the things that fascinated him about Nicol’s story was “[t]he arc of Jimmy Nicol as a person and the overall ride of his intersection with that historic high point of what seemed to be the beginnings of Beatlemania.”

Alex also said his dad’s connection with The Beatles also fueled his interest in the story.

“The fact that my dad toured with The Beatles and had become friends with them was always dear to me,” he noted. Roy and The Beatles toured the U.K. together in 1963.

Alex Orbison, Hamilton and Berkenstadt will serve as executive producers for the film version of The Beatle Who Vanished.

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