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Earlier this month, Bad Company drummer Simon Kirke released a new solo album called All Because of You, on which he showcases his talents as a singer, songwriter and guitar player. The diverse collection finds Kirke exploring an array of musical genres, including rock, pop ballads, R&B, country, folk and gospel.

The 67-year-old rock veteran tells ABC Radio he didn’t set out to create an album featuring so many different styles.

“I just play the songs, and as they come out that’s how they come out,” Simon explains. He also notes that his biggest musical influence is James Taylor, an artists whom, he points out, “straddles that world of pop and country.”

Kirke reveals that beyond his musical influences, the inspiration behind many songs on All Because of You is his fiancée, Maria.

“She was the muse for several songs on the album, and the album is kind of dedicated to her and for her…All Because of You,” he notes, adding that the record also is dedicated to “the people that championed me to explore songwriting.”

One of the album’s tracks that’s sure to interest Kirke’s fans is unique, reggae-flavored rendition of Band Company‘s 1975 hit, “Feel Like Making Love” that features Simon on ukulele. Kirke tells ABC Radio that one day Maria heard him playing the tune — which she didn’t know — on a ukulele shortly after he bought one and she loved the way it sounded. Although he was worried about how Bad Company fans would react to his version, his fiancée convinced him to record it.

“It’s not sexy, but it’s cheeky and cheerful,” Simon says of his rendition of the song. “I think it turned out really well.”

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