RhinoMichael Nesmith will be publishing a memoir next month called Infinite Tuesday: An Autobiographical Riff, and in advance of the book’s arrival, the Monkees singer will release a companion album featuring songs he recorded with his famous band and as a solo artist. The 14-track compilation, titled Infinite Tuesday: Autobiographical Riffs, will be released on April 14 and will take listeners on a mostly chronological journey through Nesmith’s music career.

The album begins with a pre-Monkees song called “The New Recruit” that Nesmith released under the moniker Michael Blessing. The Monkees are represented by “Papa Gene’s Blues,” the single version of “Listen to the Band” and a stereo remix of the first recorded version of “The Girl I Knew Somewhere.”

The compilation also features Nesmith’s own rendition of his song “Different Drum,” which was a top 20 hit for Linda Ronstadt‘s early band The Stone Poneys in 1967, and Michael’s 1970 solo hit “Joanne.” In addition, several tunes Nesmith released with his early-’70s country-rock group The First National Band are included on the album.

Infinite Tuesday: Autobiographical Riffs also includes a number of songs that appeared on Nesmith’s comedy-and-music special Elephant Parts and his pre-MTV video series PopClips. The album ends with the title track to Michael’s 2006 solo studio effort, Rays.

Nesmith’s book, Infinite Tuesday: An Autobiographical Riff, will be released on April 18. It features his recollections of growing up in Dallas with his single mother — who invented Liquid Paper — his adventures with The Monkees and the TV series for which the band was created, his solo career and his later work as a music-video and virtual-reality pioneer.

Here’s the full track list of Infinite Tuesday: Autobiographical Riffs:

“The New Recruit” — Michael Blessing
“Papa Gene’s Blues” — The Monkees
“Different Drum”
“The Girl I Knew Somewhere” — First Recorded Version/Stereo Remix
“Listen to the Band” — Single Version
“Silver Moon”
“Some of Shelly’s Blues”
“Opening Theme — Life, The Unsuspecting Captive”
“Laugh Kills Lonesome”

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