Warner Bros.You can’t copyright a typeface. According to Billboard, that’s what Cher’s lawyers are claiming in response to a lawsuit by a graphic designer, who says the typeface used on the singer’s 2013 album cover is his design, and it was used without permission.

Moshik Nadav claims that his typeface, Paris Logo, was copied for the cover of Cher’s Closer to the Truth album. But Cher’s lawyers say that a section of the copyright code specifies that typeface, as well as “mere variations of typographic ornamentation, lettering or coloring” aren’t subject to protection.

Nadav also says his logo and Cher’s logo are “substantially similar,” but the lawyers reject that claim. In their motion to dismiss, the lawyers say there are “profound differences” between the two.

In addition, Nadav claims the designers of Cher’s album cover copied the typeface from the software on his website — or another website — and then used the software to rip off his logo. He says he’s applied to copyright the software, but since there isn’t currently a copyright on it, he can’t claim any protection on that front, either.

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