Green Amp RecordsDave Davies‘ latest musical project, Open Road, is a family affair. The founding Kinks guitarist describes the album, which was released Friday, as a “true collaboration” that he and his son Russ created together without any other musicians.

“Me and Russ have worked together before on a couple of albums, but nothing quite like this,” he tells ABC Radio. “Right from day one, really, he’d come up with a line, I’d come up with a line, he would come up with a verse, I’d take over and we’d chop and change…It was very exciting.”

The 70-year-old Rock & Roll Hall of Famer says his son’s contributions to the nine-song collection were wide-ranging. Dave notes that not only did Russ produce Open Road, he “did all of the percussion and the programming of certain things…and sketching out the songs, [as well as playing] keyboards and guitar.”

Open Road showcases Dave’s talent in creating insightful, introspective and melodic songs, while the tracks are given an added modern sheen by Russ, who is an experienced electronic music artist and producer.

“I think that he gave it that kind of warmer…kind of accessible [sound],” Dave explains. “I just thought he did a great job with it.”

Dave also says he likes the way his and his son’s vocals blend on the new songs.

“I think [our voices] work really well together,” he points out. “He’s got quite a range. He can sing quite low, and he can layer his voice with mine.”

Speaking about the overriding theme of Open Road, Dave says, “I think we need to trust each other and move forward, and dwell on the good things and the positive things in our lives.”

Check out a video for the album’s lead track, “Path Is Long,” on Davies’ official YouTube channel.

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