Mark Weiss/WireImageIt’s well-known that Bruce Springsteen is no fan of President Donald Trump, and now the Boss has lent his vocal talents to a new anti-Trump protest song by his old friend and frequent collaborator Joe Grushecky and Joe’s group The Houserockers.

The tune, “That’s What Makes Us Great,” is available now as a digital download for 99 cents at and will appear on Grushecky & the Houserockers’ upcoming album, More Yesterdays than Tomorrows.

Grushecky tells the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that he sent Springsteen a recording of the song and Bruce told him he liked it, so he asked his old pal if he would sing on the track. Springsteen agreed and, as Joe explains, “He gave it the Bruce treatment.” Joe reveals that Bruce recorded his parts at home in New Jersey and emailed them to Grushecky.

According to the newspaper, Springsteen sings two of the song’s verses and contributes harmonies throughout the rest of the track. One of the verses sung by Bruce goes, “Don’t tell me a lie, and sell it as a fact/ I’ve been down that road before, and I ain’t goin’ back/ And don’t you brag to me, that you never read a book/ I never put my faith, in a con man and his crooks.”

The lyrics to “That’s What Makes Us Great” also criticize the Trump administration’s immigration policies. Grushecky tells the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that he wrote the song around the time of Trump’s inauguration, revealing that he was particularly motivated to pen the tune after Trump mocked a special-needs person during his campaign.

“How could a person like that be president of the United States?” says Joe. “I have special needs people in my family and in my neighborhood. I worked with special needs people my whole life and I was really offended by it.”

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