Arista NashvilleWith cameos by such music legends as Mick Jagger and John Fogerty, country star Brad Paisley describes making his new album, Love and War, as a “bucket list” experience. But Paisley says he’s aware that a stable full of superstars doesn’t necessarily guarantee a great album.

“If I’m wasting Mick Jagger’s time for three days, it better be something…when he leaves. It wasn’t just all for a couple of beers at the bar and a couple of dinners,” he tells ABC Radio. “I was bound and determined that…we would have something to show for it.”

By the time the Rolling Stones icon left Nashville, he and Paisley had written and recorded the cut “Drive of Shame.”

The album’s title track, “Love and War,” makes a statement about how America treats its veterans, and Brad knew it was a message he needed to deliver with former Creedence Clearwater Revival frontman Fogerty.

“I had that idea for him for quite a while, and I knew I wanted to say it with him,” Paisley recalls. “Because saying a statement about the mistreatment of veterans in a song, I can do that for my generation, but nobody speaks for his generation better than him.”

Love and War hit stores today, April 21.

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