Erika Goldring/Getty ImagesBilly Joel hasn’t released a new album of pop music since 1993, but he recently got together for a possible musical collaboration with one of today’s big pop stars: Pink.

Joel tells the Los Angeles Times that he and Pink recently met up to exchange some musical ideas. He says he’s not sure what will come of their collaboration, but reports that he’d had a good time working with the singer. Pink is such a big fan of Joel that at her wedding, she walked down the aisle to his song “She’s Always a Woman.”

In a wide-ranging conversation with the paper, the Piano Man also talked about the fact that his Florida home is not far from President Donald Trump‘s Mar-a-Lago retreat. When asked if he ever drives by the residence, Billy says, “Yeah” and, according to the paper, mimes riding a motorcycle while holding up both his middle fingers.

“He thinks I’m his friend. I went to his wedding. I don’t know why I went,” Joel says of Trump. “I’m told I sang — probably made an a** of myself.”

Billy also tells the paper that after decades of success, “I still don’t like my voice; I’m always trying to sound like somebody else.” He’s not crazy about some of his hits, either — like his 1989 #1 smash “We Didn’t Start the Fire.”

“It’s the only song where I wrote the words first,” he says. “Which it sounds like, because the music sucks.”

While Joel still plays it because fans want to hear it, he complains, “If I miss one word, it’s a train wreck.”

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