Hollywood RecordsThe latest Marvel movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2, has rocketed to the top of the weekend box office. Like the first installment, the movie’s soundtrack features a mix of pop and rock hits of the ’70s, including Cheap Trick‘s “Surrender.” Frontman Robin Zander tells ABC Radio that he thinks it’s “so cool” that his band’s classic is part of a movie that “covers all grounds.”

“I mean, it caters to the young people who like that sort of action-packed science-fiction stuff,” Zander tells ABC Radio. “And then the soundtrack goes out to people like me.”

Unlike many movies with cool soundtracks, these older tunes are actually an integral part of the plot and the action onscreen. Zander suggests that while being captivated by the interstellar heroes’ exploits, fans of a certain age also will experience some nostalgic feelings thanks to the soundtrack.

“They’re gonna think about that moment that they met their first girlfriend or boyfriend, or the moment that they got accepted into college,” Robin suggests. “Which is so cool.”

Zander tells ABC Radio that he became a Guardians of the Galaxy fan after one of his kids “dragged” him to the first film. “I was really surprised how entertaining it actually was,” he says.

As part of the promotional campaign for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Frito-Lay is selling limited-edition bags of Doritos featuring a built-in music player — sort of like a Sony Walkman — that plays the entire soundtrack, called Awesome Mix Vol. 2.

Zander says he loves the retro-looking player, noting that it reminded him “of the cereal box with the vinyl that you could cut out and it would actually play on your 45 machine.”

The musical Doritos bags can be purchased online at Amazon.com/Doritos.

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