Al Pereira; Alex LakeKinks fans will be happy to know that not too long ago, the band’s sibling co-founders, Dave and Ray Davies, reunited to work on some new material. However, Dave tells ABC Radio that the new music was put on hold when he and Ray started focusing on their latest respective solo albums, Open Road and Americana.

“We got together in January [of 2016,] and we put some demos together. New stuff,” Dave reveals. “I wrote a bit, he wrote a bit, and we sort of had a look at ’em backwards and frontwards and sideways.”

The 70-year-old Rock & Roll Hall of Famer explains that the timing of the collaboration was “unusual,” because he and his son Russ had just started “carving out the embryo ideas” for the songs featured on Open Road, while Ray hit the studio to begin recording Americana.

Dave also tells ABC Radio that, “as always happens with The Kinks,” he and Ray clashed over their respective ideas for the new material. “It’s like, we’ve kind of been spoiled for ideas, really,” Dave maintains.

As for whether or not he and Ray will get back to working on that music, Dave says, “Who knows?” For the time being, he’s focusing on Open Road: he recently wrapped up a U.S. tour in support of the record, and is planning to play more shows later this year.

Regarding his relationship with Ray, Dave says, “The main thing is we’re getting on OK, and that’s always a good sign.”

He adds, with a laugh, “It’d be nice for me and Ray to do a show or something before we fall down dead. But…things are going OK at the moment, and we’re talking…So, the door is open, or ajar.”

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