Credit: Mo SummersFormer Police guitarist Andy Summers recently released a new solo album titled Triboluminescence, a collection of instrumental tracks combining rock and jazz sounds with such diverse influences as Indonesian and West African music. Summers, whose most recent foray into rock was a few years ago with his short-lived group Circa Zero, says he doesn’t think he’ll ever play in another rock band.

“I’m very happy making what I just made, and I think I’ll stay there,” he tells ABC Radio. “I get invited to do all kinds of stuff, but committing to a whole rock band thing again and getting into all that, it’s very difficult. I mean, it’s life-consuming and I just don’t think I want to put what creative juice I have back into another whole rock band thing.”

The 74-year-old musician, who was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame with The Police in 2003, adds, “Let’s face it: I had one of the biggest rock bands of all time in my life already. I do feel like I’ve done that one.”

Summers formed Circa Zero with singer/guitarist Rob Giles. They released one album, 2014’s Circus Hero, before calling it quits. Andy tells ABC that he was disappointed Circa Zero didn’t generate much commercial interest, saying he considers Circus Hero “one of the best things I’d ever done…I think it compares with anything I did with The Police.”

He also showers praise on Giles, whom he says “is an amazing singer and a great talent,” maintaining that “I certainly haven’t felt like I could find another one like that again.”

Summers recently played a series of concerts in Brazil in support of Triboluminescence, but he currently has no other shows planned.

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