Courtesy of CatawikiSnippets of hair belonging to all four Beatles members were auctioned off separately recently for a total of more than $10,000, the Catawiki auction site reports. The snippets were cut from Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr in March 1964 while they were filming A Hard Day’s Night and were collected by John O’Gorman, who was the head of the movie studio’s makeup department.

O’Gorman had the locks of hair put in four separate frames that also included photos of the corresponding Beatles members and gave them to couple he was friends with as a 25th anniversary gift.

McCartney’s hair fetched the most money, $2,996, while Harrison’s sold for $2,901, Starr’s for $2,885, Lennon’s for the relatively low price of $1,385.”

Denny Hoekstra, a Beatles expert for Catawiki, noted “Each lot contained four to five strands, which means McCartney’s hair sold for approximately $600 per strand.”

Hoekstra also pointed out, “Nowadays, collecting the hair of famous people is a booming industry. In general, the hair of celebrities will only become more valuable over time, which makes these locks of hair a good investment.”

According to experts at Catawiki, the most money ever paid for the hair of a music star was $115,000 for a snippet belonging to Elvis Presley, while the second highest amount was $48,000 for a lock of Lennon’s hair.

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