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Cher‘s been married and divorced twice, and now both of her former husbands are gone: Sonny Bono died in 1998 and, this past weekend, she attended the funeral of her second husband, rock legend Gregg Allman, in Macon, Georgia. She captured the experience in a series of heartfelt tweets.

Cher married Allman in 1975, four days after her divorce from Sonny was finalized. She filed for divorce from Gregg nine days later due to his substance abuse, but they quickly reconciled. Their son, Elijah Blue, was born in 1976, but they eventually did divorce in 1979. Allman died Saturday, May 27, of complications from liver cancer.

“He was shy. He Was a KIND, LOVING man. The Sadness is immeasurable 4 all,” Cher tweeted of Allman.

Following the funeral, she tweeted, “Gregory’s children are AMAZING. We Spent hard day, Then went 2 Gregory house. We reminisced & watched [the sun] Set. I’m so proud of em…THEY’RE ALLMANS.”

In addition to Elijah, Allman had four other children from past relationships and marriages.

Later, Cher tweeted, “Final goodbye to a Musical Genius. He was [a] sweet, shy, Loving man, AND a mystery to all of us at times. He had demons & he fought them. We [loved] Him.”

Cher also posted a photo of a musical performance following the funeral at the Allman Brothers Band Museum, adding that it had been weekend of “tears and laughter.”

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