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Paul McCartney may lead a rock and roll lifestyle but he’s stone cold sober while on stage.

Speaking to the U.K.’s Daily Mirror, Sir Paul says he refrains from any alcohol prior to live performances. He explains, “I used to try that, particularly in the early days of Wings when we would tour. But it didn’t work – I would just forget the lyrics I didn’t know anyway.”

Although his bandmates might imbibe a bit before the show, McCartney sticks to a bit of snacking: “I don’t eat or drink before I go on because I sort of like to feel light. Then afterwards I can get heavy and have a drink. Before I go on I don’t do that. But I do have little sort of snacky things in the dressing room that I might just grab, like chocolate covered raisins and equal amount of salted cashews.”

As for another well-documented habit, Paul says his pot smoking is a thing of the past. A couple years ago, he revealed he given up marijuana to be a better role model for his grandchildren, remarking, “The last time I smoked was a long time ago.”

McCartney continues his current U.S. tour with a show Friday in Miami, Florida.

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