Constable/Hachette UKA new memoir by late Emerson, Lake and Palmer frontman Greg Lake called Lucky Man has just been published in the U.K. The veteran prog-rocker, who died of lung cancer in December 2016 at age 69, penned the autobiography himself.

A few months before his death, Lake spoke to ABC Radio about the book, which he’d worked on for several years. Noting that the project is made up of three volumes, he noted, “It sounds like War and Peace, but it’s not. It just happened to be that my life broke down into three separate parts. One was my childhood…my early bands, really. The next facet of my life was, really, King Crimson. And the last thing was ELP and up to this present day.”

During the interview, Lake also discussed why it had taken him longer than expected to complete the book.

“I’d be talking to [an interviewer and they] would mention something and I’d realize that I hadn’t included in the book,” he pointed out. “So I kept going back and back.”

In addition to focusing on Lake’s various musical endeavors, including his long tenure as ELP’s lead singer, guitarist, bassist and producer, Lucky Man also includes Greg’s reflections on the March 2016 suicide of his longtime band mate Keith Emerson and his own battle with terminal cancer.

Lake told ABC Radio that a companion documentary film to his autobiography was in the works, but no news has emerged about whether the film will still see the light of day.

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