Credit: Kate IzorRoger Waters has debuted an official video for “Wait for Her,” a melancholy new song from his recently released solo album, Is This the Life We Really Want? The clip, which was directed by the ex-Pink Floyd singer/bassist and his frequent collaborator Sean Evans, premiered at and also was posted on Roger’s official VEVO YouTube channel.

The video features footage of Waters and his touring band performing in a studio, interspersed with scenes of a woman in a dressing room preparing for some kind of performance. That woman, Azzura, is the same actress/dancer featured in the recent clip for Roger’s new tune “The Last Refugee.” In the “Wait for Her” video, Azzura is shown sitting at a theatrical mirror as she applies makeup and nail polish. She also places two crumpled photos of a young girl, apparently her daughter, on the mirror and gazes sadly at them.

As the clip continues, a large scar is visible on the woman’s neck, and she begins to cry. After changing into a new outfit, she leaves the dressing room and apparently heads toward a stage as the video ends.

Lyrically, “Wait for Her” was inspired by a poem by late Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish. Evans tells Rolling Stone, “When Roger wrote this song, his adaptation of the poem took on a sensual yet melancholy tone, and the video needed to represent that. It needed to show femininity and sexuality but also needed to have an air of loss and pain.”

As for the woman’s scar, Evans explains that “it is a symbol of the physical torment refugees endure.”

He also notes the “Wait for Her” and “The Last Refugee” videos are companion pieces, adding that he and Waters have plans for further themed clips.

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