Kevin Winter/Getty Images via ABCMadonna‘s panties are still safe — for now.

On Thursday, two days after the New York Supreme Court stopped an auction house from selling off some of Madonna’s personal possessions, a judge ruled that the Court’s temporary restraining order will stand until the next court date, September 6.

The judge wants more details and plans to depose Madonna to get them. Until that date, Gotta Have It Collectibles is not allowed to sell or advertise the items online.

The items in question are a pair of worn panties, a used hairbrush with hair still in it, a letter that Madonna’s former boyfriend, late rapper Tupac Shakur, wrote to her when he was in prison, and several other letters, including one in which she calls Whitney Houston and Sharon Stone “horribly mediocre.” They were part of more than 100 Madonna-related collectibles that Gotta Have It was going to sell on July 19.

The person selling the items, Darlene Lutz, is Madonna’s former friend and personal assistant. According to Rolling Stone, Lutz obtained the items in 1995 when she helped Madonna move.

When the Queen of Pop found out about the auction, she wrote a letter to Lutz, accusing her of stealing her personal property — not back in 1995, but now, because she allegedly refused to return them when Madonna asked for them back.

At the Thursday hearing, Rolling Stone reports that Madonna’s defense attorney said the singer wasn’t “aware” of the items in question until she saw the online auction, but, he said, “Just because she didn’t know where the items were doesn’t make them any less hers.”

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