Courtesy of Kevin GodleyFounding 10cc member Kevin Godley has devised a unique way to put together his debut solo album, titled Muscle Memory, and you could be a contributor to the project. He’s launched a PledgeMusic campaign that asks you to submit original music tracks that he plans to finish and include on his upcoming record.

Godley says he got the idea for the album after he was sent two unsolicited instrumental tracks from people he’d never met, and who requested he “write melodies and lyrics [for them] and turn them into songs.”

He further explains, “We communicated by email and all I did was load their tracks into Garageband and react to them vocally. Experiencing this kind of remote collaboration and its results has been transformational for me, as I believe I’ve recorded two of my best ever songs.”

As for what he’s looking for from his prospective collaborators, Godley says tracks should be three-to-five minutes long, and can be “any genre, any tempo, any mood,” as long as it’s not “too predictable.” He adds, “I thrive on unusual structures and sounds.” He’s planning include 10 of these collaborations on Muscle Memory.

Kevin vows to split the copyright 50/50 with the composer or composers of any song he completes and uses for the album. Godley hopes to have Muscle Memory ready for release during the first half of 2018.

Fans can send their tracks to using the file-transfer site.

As part of the PledgeMusic campaign, Godley is planning some special events for those who donate to the cause, including a workshop where fans will have the chance to add their voices to some of the new tracks, and a visit to a video shoot and the opportunity to appear in the clip.

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