Cynthia and John Lennon in 1967 (Express/Express/Getty Images)A letter written by John Lennon in 1976 responding to comments his ex-wife, Cynthia, made about their relationship in an interview with a British women’s magazine earlier that year has gone up for bid at the RR Auction website.

Lennon sent the typed note, titled “An Open Letter to Cynthia Twist” — Twist being her married surname at the time — to a weekly U.S. magazine in November 1976 along with a handwritten request that it be published “without any edits.”

In the message, Lennon refutes several allegations his former spouse made to the U.K. magazine, including her claim that John’s use of LSD and the interference of Yoko Ono were factors in their 1968 breakup.

“As you and I well know, our marriage was over long before the advent of L.S.D. or Yoko Ono…and that’s reality!” he writes. “Your memory is impaired to say the least.”

The former Beatles star also mentions a 1974 incident that apparently occurred when Cynthia and their son, Julian, visited John in Los Angeles while he was separated from Ono.

“You…asked me to remarry you and/or give you another child, ‘for Julian’s sake’!” he maintains. “I politely told you no, and that, anyway, I was still in love with Yoko.”

In addition, Lennon includes a dig at his ex regarding her claim in the interview that she wanted to distance herself from her connection with The Beatles.

“I don’t blame you for wanting to get away from your ‘Beatle’ past,” John writes. “But if you are serious about it, you should try to avoid talking to and posing for magazines and newspapers!”

As of Monday evening, the high bid for the letter was $5,900. It’s estimated to sell for more than $25,000. Bidding ends on Wednesday, August 9.

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