Marquette, MI – On Sunday, October 23, 2011, the Upfront and Company will open its doors for an all-ages rock show. With the show starting at 6:00pm, Upfront will be allowing patrons of any age the opportunity to come
out to enjoy an early evening of live music.

Since the burning of the 231 House of Muses in 2007, all-ages music has not had a permanent home in Marquette. However, starting in June of 2011, Upfront and Company has presented an opportunity to the under-21 crowd to come out and see some great regional music on select Sunday nights.

The show on October 23 will feature performances by the Redettes,
WETT NURSE, and Team Awesome, all from Marquette. WETT NURSE, who
formed in 2010, are best known for playing ruckus, organ-influenced
garage rock, and have been featured in the Chicago-based -Windy City
Rock music blog. Team Awesome are perhaps best known locally for
performing this past spring as the opening act for Jeff Daniels’ at
Marquette’s Kaufman Auditorium. The Redettes, who have been playing
regionally since the mid-2000’s, helped kick off Upfront’s summer
2011 all-ages concert series with a benefit show to raise money for
two friends who lost their home in a fire just a few weeks before the
show. Their music blends the mischievous lyrics and melodies of local
songwriter Sycamore Smith, with thumping drums, chugging guitar and
bass, and healthy dose of feedback.

The show starts at 6:00pm, and admission is $5.00 for all ages.
Anyone in need of more information can visit, or

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