Columbia RecordsDavid Gilmour‘s new concert film Live at Pompeii, documenting his historic July 2016 performances at Pompeii, Italy, will be released as a home video in multiple configurations on September 29. To promote the release, the ex-Pink Floyd singer/guitarist has posted a new video clip of him discussing the shows on his official YouTube channel.

As previously reported, the film features highlights from two solo concerts he played at the 2,000-year-old Pompeii Amphitheatre, 45 years after his old band performed at the site for the classic 1972 movie Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii.

In the promo clip, David talks about the rendition of the 1973 Floyd tune “The Great Gig in the Sky” he and his backing band played at the 2016 concerts, a performance with which he was very pleased.

“I hadn’t done [the song] for years and years and years,” he explains. “Louise Marshall and our [other backup] singers had put together an arrangement that was fantastic, and we couldn’t wait to do it.”

Gilmour also points out that he played the 1971 Floyd tune “One of These Days” at the Pompeii concerts, noting that it was “the only song…that we played with Pink Floyd back in ’71 that we did again this time.”

David Gilmour — Live at Pompeii will be available as a two-DVD set, a single Blu-ray disc, a deluxe box set featuring two Blu-rays and two CDs, and a digital video. The box set will include bonus performance footage and documentaries. In addition, separate two-CD and four-LP vinyl audio companions will be released on September 29.

Meanwhile, the concert film also will be shown in hundreds of theaters around the world on September 13.

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