Cyndi Lauper at 1984 VMAs (Debra Trebitz/Corbis/VCG via Getty Image)The 2017 MTV Video Music Awards are this Sunday night, and they’ll actually have something in common with the very first VMAs, way back in 1984. Just as he did on the ’84 telecast, Rod Stewart will be performing.

In ’84, Stewart sang his hit “Infatuation” at the VMA ceremony. On Sunday night, he’ll sing a remake of his 1979 hit “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy,” with contemporary dance-rock band DNCE. Cyndi Lauper, who just wrapped up a tour with Rod, also was at the first-ever MTV VMA ceremony: She was the top nominee, in fact.

“I was nominated for so many and I wound up getting one, for Best Female Video,” Lauper tells ABC Radio. “And we were against the titans…We spent like $38,000, which is a lot of money on a video, but they spent like $250,000!”

Cyndi won her Moonman for “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” She recalls being excited about the special effects in the colorful clip…until she saw them.

“I thought it was gonna be like Busby Berkeley, but it wasn’t,” she laughs. “It just wrapped up the whole picture…into a ball. And I remember sitting there going, ‘That’s it? Does it do anything? Does the ball bounce at least?'”

Lauper tells ABC Radio that her outing with Stewart was a “bucket list” tour for her, because he was a huge influence on her musically.

“When I was in the cover bands in the ’70s, I was doing a set of his songs,” she says. “It’s funny how life is. It just takes you around in a circle.”

Cyndi currently is crafting a new Broadway musical based on the ’80s movie Working Girl, and is focused on raising awareness of psoriasis, which she suffers from, via the website

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