Gary Gershoff/Getty ImagesQueen guitarist Brian May‘s new book, Queen in 3-D, offers a unique view of the famous British group, through stereoscopic photos that May took of his band throughout its career. May tells ABC Radio that fans have been enthralled by the 3-D images in the book, which was published in the U.S. last week.

“I get a lot of wows. I love the wows,” he says. “People look at it and go, ‘Wow! I didn’t realize you could do that in a book…I didn’t realize it would be so real.'”

May developed his passion for 3-D photography as a boy, and acquired his first stereoscopic camera at a young age, going on to document Queen’s whole history via 3-D images.

The book includes pics of Queen both on stage and behind the scenes, and comes packaged with a special viewer to look at the images.

May says that his favorite photos in the book are some of the candid ones of the band off stage, “because you get to see us behind the scenes as human beings, just doing ordinary stuff in a very extraordinary situation.”

Brian tells ABC Radio that compiling the book was quite emotional for him, noting that “looking at snaps is one thing, but looking at 3-D pictures, you really do feel like you’re there. It’s like a time machine.”

Queen in 3-D is enhanced by Brian’s candid recollections about his band, and is the first book ever written about the group by one of its members.

Explaining his writing process, May says that members of his team “sat me down with all the pictures converted into a slide show and ran a voice recorder, and I just talked, because all the memories came flooding back.”

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