Andrew Lipovsky/NBCU2 paid a visit to The Tonight Show on Thursday to talk about their highly anticipated album, Songs of Experience, and performed the television debut of the first single, “You’re the Best Thing about Me” and the band’s Bono and The Edge also chatted about a number of things with host Jimmy Fallon.

Bono wrote the “punk-Motown” song as a way of telling his wife how much she means to him, something the Irish singer feels is especially important in light of current events.

“In these difficult times it’s important to tell your loved ones how you feel,” he explains.

Adds The Edge, “I think maybe even more important than ever in these times it’s important to have that joy, because that’s the best response.”

The guys also got serious about some issues that concern them, like President Donald Trump‘s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, putting the fate of millions of young immigrants brought into the U.S. illegally by their parents — called “Dreamers” — in jeopardy.

“This country was built for and by ‘Dreamers,'” noted Bono. “If there’s no room for ‘Dreamers,’ then where are we in America?”

The Edge also announced that his Music Rising charity, initiated as a way of helping people in New Orleans put their lives back together in the wake of Hurricane Katrina by donating musical instruments, is now trying to do the same for Houston residents affected by Hurricane Irma.

“We replaced a lot of instruments, got a lot of musicians back to work, a lot of schools and churches back to providing music and now we’re doing the same for Houston,” he told Fallon.

In addition to their new single, U2 performed 1987’s “Bullet the Blue Sky” from their Joshua Tree album.

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