NBCUniversal/”Harry”Wednesday, Billy Joel made his first daytime talk show appearance in years, on Harry Connick Jr.’s show, Harry. This summer, in addition to his residency at New York’s Madison Square Garden, Billy’s been playing stadiums, but he claims he doesn’t understand why.

“I’m not crazy about my voice, I don’t think I’m that good a piano player,” Billy told Harry. “I’m in baseball stadiums, and they’re sold out, with 45,000, 50,000 people! [I’m thinking], ‘What’s going on here? Don’t they know who I am?’ y’know? It’s…weird.'”

Billy played a few of his classic tunes during his appearance on Harry, but reiterated that he has no plans to make a new pop album — his last one was 1993’s The Bridge. When Harry asked if Billy is tired of people asking him about making another album, Joel replied, “Nah, I’m used to it now.”

“I mean, Elton used to ask me that,” he added. “[He’d say], ‘When are you gonna make another album? When are you making more albums?’ And after a while I just went, ‘Why don’t you make less albums?'”

Whatever his current attitude toward pop music may be, Billy can’t deny it’s always helped him with his love life. When Harry revealed that Billy’s music made him realize that piano players could get girls, Billy revealed that he’d figured that out years ago.

“I was never gonna be a matinee idol, but if I went to a party, there would always be a better looking guy, or a guy with better clothing a better haircut, or a better car,” Billy recalled. “And if there was a piano, I’d go and start playing…I’d look up, and there was a girl. And then I’d keep playing and look up…there was another girl!”

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