PRNewsfoto/Aristocrat Technologies, Inc.Forget about “Open Your Heart” — get ready to open your wallet, because Madonna slot machines are coming your way.

The Madonna-branded Slot Game will make its debut at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas this October. Each machine will feature its own unique game play, inspired by Madonna’s biggest hits from various stages of her career. The hits themselves, of course, also will be incorporated into the machines. No word whether Madonna’s 1985 single “Gambler” will be one of those songs, but we have a hunch “Material Girl” may be prominently featured.

In a statement, an executive at Aristocrat Technologies gaming company, which has licensed Madonna’s brand for the machines, says, “We have been diligently working for months to create a slot game that perfectly encapsulates the essence of the Madonna brand.”

The exec promises that the games are “fueled by [Madonna’s] landmark and groundbreaking music, coupled with video and exciting game play.”

In other news, Madonna is featured in InStyle magazine discussing her new beauty line, MDNA Skin. She also reveals some of her favorite things, including the smell of roses, as well as avocados, which she says she’s “obsessed with.” In addition, she gushes about something called “sunset glasses,” which have red lenses.

“I have a hard time sleeping. These help me relax and experience that joy you feel when you’re watching a sunset,” Madonna explains. “I just use them all the time. My days are really busy and I’m always overstimulated. Dopamine is being fired into my brain way past the time that it should be, so these glasses help me relax.”

Maybe Madonna will need to wear her sunset glasses when she walks into a casino to check out her new slot machine.

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