Kevin Winter/WireImageLegendary record company executive Clive Davis is the subject of the documentary Clive Davis: The Soundtrack of Our Lives, which hit Apple Music on Tuesday.

The movie is a deep look into the 85-year-old’s work with dozens of legendary artists from Aretha Franklin, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen and Aerosmith to Barry Manilow, Earth Wind & Fire and Alicia Keys, among many others.

But it’s his relationship with the late Whitney Houston that is perhaps most celebrated. Davis signed Whitney to his Arista label in 1983.

Davis said he wasn’t very involved in the private lives of his artists, except for Whitney.

“Perhaps I was a little slow, as the film points out, to get into the personal life of Whitney – not slow, but I knew that she was dealing with this terrible addiction.” But he said, “She was always on top of her game for that first few years where it was not as visible or ostensible.”

At a certain point, Davis knew he had to intervene. “I’m so proud of this film because it does capture the letters I wrote, the meetings I had with her, the arguments that I used to try to convince her that nobody prevails in this lethal battle involving drugs,” he said.

His only regret, of course, is that he and others were unable to save Whitney. “The movie is touching, it’s honest, it’s real and gripping,” he said, “…when it stared me in the face with that question, I dealt with it and thought that we had beaten this problem for her. And obviously we didn’t so that leads to, by the movie’s end, the tears that you have to feel that this incredible talent left us so premature and so early.”

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