American GreetingsThere’s a new holiday debuting this Sunday — and legendary singer Smokey Robinson is behind it. The guy who co-wrote The Temptations‘ #1 hit “My Girl” wants dads to bond with their girl or girls, so Robinson — who has six daughters of his own — created Father Daughter Day.

“I thought it was a great idea to promote a closer relationship between fathers and daughters who perhaps don’t have that kind of relationship,” the Motown great tells ABC Radio. “And I hope that…for daughters and fathers who are estranged from each other, or else they don’t live in the same locations or whatever, it promotes the fact of them contacting each other that day, at least just to say ‘hi’ and ‘I love you.'”

Robinson points out that a dad’s relationship with his daughter often is different the one he develops with a son.

“Your daughter is like your baby for her whole life,” explains Smokey. “When your sons grow up and become men and stuff, you still have a loving relationship with them, but it’s not the same as, like, your cuddly relationship with your daughter.”

As for how Robinson gets along with his own daughters, five of which he inherited through his marriage to his current wife, Frances, he says, “I have great relationships with all of them. It’s a wonderful thing to have that many women around you and you have great relationships with…them.”

In conjunction with the holiday, Robinson has lent his golden voice to a new customizable ecard celebrating the inaugural Father Daughter Day. The video greeting features, appropriately, a new version of “My Girl.”

You can send your own custom “My Girl” card by visiting

Moving forward, Father Daughter Day will held annually on the second Sunday in October.

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