Credit: Carl StudnaAfter being eligible for over 10 years, Eurythmics have been nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for the first time. The news was a surprise to the “Sweet Dreams” hitmakers: Annie Lennox barely knows anything about the Hall, while Dave Stewart says he “forgot” British acts were eligible.

“Whenever I’ve seen…the show, it’s always been amazing American acts,” Dave told ABC Radio. “I kinda forgot that you could be British and nominated…so I was surprised and, obviously, honored.”

“When we arrived here, Annie and I were taken aback with…the size of America,” Dave added. “But we did, in our own way, conquer it, having number ones and many hits and tours. But we haven’t done [it] for a long time, so it was a great bolt out of the blue.”

“I looked it up on Wikipedia ’cause I thought, ‘I really don’t know very much about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame except that it’s in Cleveland,'” Annie revealed.

Annie says all of this year’s “eclectic” nominees are “fantastic at what they do, in their own genre,” but she was surprised that so many legendary acts are just being nominated this year for the first time, such as Nina Simone, The Moody Blues and Dire Straits.

“I think, ‘Why weren’t they nominated years ago?'” she says.

Annie and Dave say Simone is the nominee they’d most like to see inducted. But as for themselves, they aren’t planning their performance yet — they won’t find out if they made the final cut until December.

“If we get some news that we’re being inducted, we’ll think, ‘Blimey, we’d better hurry up and think about it!'” Dave laughs, “But we’ve played so much together live, honestly, I don’t think we’d be too worried about that part of it.”

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