Mary McCartney/MPL CommunicationsPaul McCartney is lending his support to a campaign launched by PETA, calling for the Texas-based company The Pet Blood Bank to take better care of a group of retired racing dogs that it claims are being mistreated by the company.

The animal-rights organization claims that The Pet Blood Bank, which distributes canine blood products used in veterinary transfusions, has about 150 greyhounds at its facility that are being neglected, and that many are suffering from various health issues.

McCartney got involved in the campaign after Patterson Veterinary Supply, the company that distributes The Pet Blood Bank’s products, apparently reneged on a pledge to make sure that the dogs received better care.

Sir Paul has written a letter on behalf of PETA to Patteron’s CEO, James Wiltz, imploring him “to step up, make good on your earlier pledge, and rescue the dogs whose blood your company has used for many years, knowing that these 150 or so dogs — who were allowed to get into appalling shape…helped your business at a cost to their well-being.”

The former Beatles star also notes, “I have had dogs since I was a boy and loved them all dearly, including Martha who was my companion for about 15 years and about whom I wrote the song ‘Martha, My Dear.'”

He adds, “I’m sure you know that dogs need affection and comfort…and just like you and me, they crave happiness and companionship.”

McCartney calls on Patterson to let the greyhounds “retire from the dirt-floored, barren conditions in which they are kept isolated and alone.”

In closing, the rock legend points out that “professional greyhound rescuers are standing by to place these dogs in good homes and to transport them to those homes at no cost to anyone.”

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