Credit: Danny ClinchA new Bruce Springsteen song is featured in the new military-themed dramatic film Thank You for Your Service, which opens in theaters this Friday. According to, the tune, which is titled “Freedom Cadence,” is based on a soldiers’ marching cadence called “Freedom” and is heard played during the end credits of the movie.

Thank You for Your Service stars Miles Teller and focuses on Iraq War veterans dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder when they return to their home lives. The film is based on a non-fiction book of the same name by David Finkel, which tells the story of Adam Schumann, a sergeant in the Iraq War who struggled with PTSD.

In an interview with the Springsteen fan site, director Jason Hall said Bruce’s involvement in the project came about because of the musician’s friendship with the film’s producer, Jon Kilik.

“[Schumann] had a cadence that they sang in boot camp, and Jon recorded him singing it on his cell phone… and played it for [Springsteen],” Hall explained. “Bruce was like, ‘Oh, that’s cool. How’d the movie turn out?'”

Hall adds that they then played the film for Springsteen who “loved it, watched it twice, and then said, ‘Send me that recording, come back in a month, and bring that kid.’ So Adam went up there with Jon and recorded the song with him.” reports that Springsteen is featured singing and playing harmonium and banjo on “Freedom Cadence,” while his frequent studio collaborator Ron Aniello contributed drum loops and keyboards to the tune. Aniello, Kilik, Schumann and Springsteen all sing backing vocals on the track.

Universal Pictures and AMC Theatres are giving away 10,000 free tickets to Thank You for Your Service to U.S. veterans and active military personnel.

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