Cherry Red RecordsYes and Asia keyboardist Geoff Downes has just released a third album with Downes Braide Association, his collaborative side project with veteran U.K. singer/songwriter/producer Chris Braide. Skyscraper Souls features appearances by a variety of guest vocalists, including Kate Pierson of The B-52s, Marc Almond of Soft Cell and XTC‘s Andy Partridge.

Downes tells ABC Radio that he and Braide — who has co-written and/or produced tracks for such famous artists as Beyonce, Selena Gomez, Sia and Lana del Rey — generally work remotely on their albums, and Skyscraper Souls was no exception. The new record combines Downes’ prog-rock influences with Braide’s pop sensibilities and love of epic studio productions.

According to a press statement, Skyscraper Souls began as a series of musical sketches penned by Downes that he then turned over to Braide to flesh out. As Chris explains, “Geoff would send me folders full of stuff such as the magnificent piano pieces which turned into ‘Glacier Girl’ and ‘Prelude.’ As soon as I heard the chords I was writing lyrics like a mad man and before long the album started to materialize.”

You can listen to the album’s title track, which features backing vocals by Pierson, on Downes Braide Association’s official YouTube channel.

Downes says he has no current plans to play live with Braide, since he’ll be hitting the road with Yes next year on the band’s 50th anniversary tour, while Chris is involved in his own various projects. Geoff doesn’t rule out eventually performing with his DBA band mate, though.

“We certainly have enough material to put together a live show,” he tells ABC Radio. “So, it’s something that if we were offered a slot somewhere, I’m sure we could put something together.”

Here’s the Skyscraper Souls track list:

“Prelude” — featuring Andy Partridge of XTC
“Skyscraper Souls” — featuring Kate Pierson of The B-52s
“Glacier Girl” — featuring Andy Partridge
“Angel on Your Shoulder” — featuring Matthew Koma
“Tomorrow” — featuring David Longdon of Big Big Train
“Lighthouse” — featuring Tim Bowness
“Skin Deep” — featuring Marc Almond
“Darker Times” — featuring Andy Partridge
“Finale” — featuring Andy Partridge

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