Looking for something fun to do with your kids? Join us at 1:30 p.m. March 2nd for the family friendly movies “The Animal House” and “Life in the Undergrowth.” The films will be shown in the Visitor Center Auditorium at Seney National Wildlife Refuge. The shows are open to the public and are free of charge. Hot chocolate, coffee, tea, popcorn and cookies will be provided by the Seney Natural History Association. Please bring a mug.

The Animal House: 60 Minutes – Animals build homes for reasons very similar to our own, but they’ve been doing it for much longer. From a small depression in the sand to an elaborate, multi-chambered tunnel – animal structures can be simple or architectural marvels. In each case, the goals are the same – protection from predators, and a nearby source of food. These structures, whether a nest, a burrow or a mound, are also the site of great dramas and extraordinary behaviors. From master builders like termites and beavers to master decorators like the bowerbird with places colorful flowers at the entrance to its nest, The Animal House provides a fascinating look at “the homelife of wildlife.”

Watch tiny cave swiftlets build nests with their own saliva, find out how bamboo rats turn their homes into a farm and how insects handle heating and cooling, meet the lodgers that live the beavers in their dams and the tenants that share prairie dog tunnels, see a subterranean city built for 12 million inhabitants, and be completely amazed by colonies of army ants that crate living homes with their own bodies, customized to each location they move into and remarkably easy to disassemble when they need to move on. (Watch Preview)

Life in the Undergrowth: 50 Minutes – Open your eyes to the bizarre, ferocious and surprisingly beautiful world of the invertebrates. Join David Attenborough on his groundbreaking exploration into a spectacular miniature universe not normally seen, but teeming all around us. Within this remarkable world lie not just bugs and beetles, but exotic cicadas, neon glow worms, intricate silk-weaving spiders and bat-eating centipedes – not to mention a whole host of other incredible life-forms with intimate, startling behavior. Thanks to technical innovations in lighting, optics and computerized motion control, this turbulent, super-organized world is finally revealed from the perspective of its extraordinary inhabitants. These creatures may be minuscule, but they live life on a truly grand scale. (Watch Preview)

Join us for Snowshoeing

We will take a break in between movies to go snowshoeing in the area. Bring your showshoes if you like or borrow snowshoes from from the refuge. We have adult and children’s sizes.