Courtesy of Glass Onyon PRAn updated version of a 2009 book about The Who written by Tony Klinger, a British filmmaker who co-produced the band’s classic 1979 rockumentary The Kids Are Alright, will be released on April 27 under the new title The Who and I. Klinger has launched a PledgeMusic page where fans can pre-order various versions of the book — including a box set featuring a hardback book, an audiobook, a CD, Kids Are Alright memorabilia and more — as well as purchase some merchandise and collectibles related to the film.

Among the items available are a Kids Are Alright tour jacket, tickets to a planned screening of the movie scheduled for this April in London, and replica film posters, press packs and lobby cards.

In the book, which originally was titled Twilight of the Gods: My Adventures with The Who, Klinger shares details about his experiences making The Kids Are Alright.

“I want to tell this story because there are so many of us, you and me included, who love rock music and film, who should know what really goes on, and this book tells it like it is,” says Klinger. “The Who are the icons of both the sight and sound of ‘My Generation.’ They sounded and looked angry and it wasn’t an act.”

He adds, “Like most of you I am a fan, I remained a fan despite sometimes wanting to wring their collective necks! It’s well known and I documented the fact that we didn’t always agree with each other, in fact it would be more accurate to report that we hardly ever did so.”

Klinger also notes, “The packaging of The Who and I project accurately and faithfully represents the flavor of our project and the time we originally created…The Kids Are Alright.”

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