Credit: Ross HalfinJoe Perry‘s current focus is on his soon-to-be-released solo album, Sweetzerland Manifesto, but by the end of the year he says he expects to be back in the saddle with Aerosmith. The guitar great tells the Best Classic Bands website that his famous group will launch a new tour at “the end of 2018.”

Perry reports that the trek will run into 2020, the year Aerosmith also will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its formation.

“Nineteen-seventy, to me, is where my heart is as far as when the band started,” explains Perry. “[So we’ll celebrate] the 50th anniversary [in 2020]. I don’t know what shape it’s going to take.”

Meanwhile, Perry reveals that he’s hoping Aerosmith will be able to record a new EP or album by the time they kick off the tour.

Steven [Tyler] and I have talked about it and the other guys have talked about it,” says Joe. “We’ve been so involved with other things. I know Steven’s been doing his solo thing. We haven’t gotten down to things specifically, but I really would like to [record] some new music.”

Regarding his solo album, Perry will be playing a star-studded release party at the Los Angeles-area theater The Roxy this Tuesday, January 16, three days before the record hits stores.

The disc features guest appearances by Cheap Trick‘s Robin Zander, David Johansen, Johnny Depp and other notables. Perry says of the album, “It was strictly about making music and having fun.”

As for whether he plans to play more shows in support Sweetzerland Manifesto, Joe says, “I’d like to if I can find some time…Every song is designed to play live…I’d really like to go out and do a proper two-month tour, but we’ll see.”

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