Courtesy of Live NationDaryl Hall & John Oates are teaming up with Train for a tour starting May 1 in Sacramento, California. Both acts will play solo and then perform together every night, which Daryl Hall predicts will result in “a lot of smiling going on.”

Daryl is friendly with Train frontman Pat Monahan, a big Hall & Oates fan, and says it’s “gratifying and flattering” to tour with people who like his music so much.

“Right from the get-go…[Pat] made no bones about [the fact] that he likes what I do and I have to say I feel the same way about him,” Hall tells ABC Radio. “I think he’s got a great voice and…a great attitude. So, we fit together as people as well.”

But since both Train and Hall & Oates have long lists of hits, how will they fit two solo sets and a joint performance into one show?

“I thought what would be interesting would be if they did a slightly shorter set, and we did it slightly shorter than we normally would do, and then we end the show with Pat coming on stage and we do sort of a version of Live from Daryl’s House with Pat and my band and John and everything,” Daryl explains.

“We’d trade back and forth within the songs, and trade songs,” he notes, “and that’ll be a significant part of the show.”

As for which songs the two acts might perform, Hall and Monahan are planning that now.

“We’re just starting to formulate what will happen,” Daryl tells ABC Radio. “And…we both said to each other that it doesn’t have to be the same every night. We can just change it up.”

He adds, “It’s gonna be interesting, musically. And I’m sure there’s gonna be a lot of smiling going on on stage.”

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