Roger Ressmeyer/Corbis/VCG via Getty ImagesMusicals featuring the hits of Donna Summer, Cher, The Go-Go’s and The Bee Gees are either in the works or heading to Broadway. Up next: Huey Lewis & the News.

In a video you can watch now at, Huey announces that a musical called The Heart of Rock and Roll is on tap. The production is what’s known as a “jukebox musical,” meaning it’s not actually the story of the band. Instead, it’ll feature an original story that incorporates all their hits, such as “The Power of Love,” “Hip to Be Square,” “If This Is It” and more. In other words, it’s more like Mamma Mia and Movin’ Out than Jersey Boys.

Jimmy Kimmel also appears in the video, and the talk-show host apparently didn’t get the memo about the whole “jukebox musical” thing, as he announces that he’ll be retiring from Jimmy Kimmel Live! to portray Huey in the production.

Huey proceeds to explain the situation to Jimmy, telling him, “[T]here is no role of Huey. It’s an original musical, it’s not about Huey Lewis & the News, it’s just based on the music of Huey Lewis & the News.”

But Jimmy won’t take no for an answer. “I quit my job for this!” he insists, showing off his harmonica skills.

“But there’s no Huey Lewis in the musical, Jimmy,” says Huey, to which Jimmy replies, “The power of love is a curious thing, Huey. Makes one man weep — and that man’s gonna be me right now.”

“You can play Huey, it’s OK,” Huey says, trying to make Jimmy feel better. “We’ll get a part for you in it, I promise.”

It’s not clear what the storyline of the musical will be; we also don’t know when it will go into production. Stay tuned.

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