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In a new Rolling Stone interview, Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain addresses his recent conflicts with guitarist Neal Schon, which became public last year when Schon aired various grievances via Twitter, including accusing Cain of breaking an apparent longstanding rule by bringing “religion and politics” into the band.

Cain tells the magazine that he doesn’t think that their dispute will affect Journey’s future.

“It’s something that you tolerate,” Jonathan says of Neal’s social media comments. “It’s kind of like if you have a fight with your wife. You live in the same house. You have to weather it and overcome it…You go through these things and you gotta get out the steam…Then it’s like, ‘OK, you said…how you feel. Let’s move on.’ That’s how I feel. Let’s hit reset and make great music.”

Among the things that drew Schon’s ire was a visit to the White House that Cain — whose wife, Paula White, is President Trump‘s spiritual adviser — made with Journey singer Arnel Pineda and bassist Ross Valory without inviting Neal.

“For me, it was a historical chance to go and it wasn’t political,” Cain says about the trip. “I’m a history buff and was dying to see where all this history took place. I know Arnel wanted to meet the Filipino lady [Cristeta Comerford] that has worked as a chef there for 20-something years. And Neal and I weren’t on speaking terms during that time. He was bashing me, so I didn’t think he would want to come.”

Jonathan adds that he and Neal have “had a tremendous relationship for 38 years. Any relationship that goes on that long, there’s bound to be bumps in the road. But I think the band and our fans are bigger than all of this stuff.”

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