ABC/Lou Rocco After two successful TV movies, Dolly Parton tells ABC Radio she expects there won’t be any more in the Coat of Many Colors series, at least for now.

“Not at this point,” the country-pop legend says. “We did a Christmas movie and then the little Coat of Many Colors. But there’ll be different movies done, based on different parts of my life, because I have a life of many colors. So we’ll be doing other things about my life, but I don’t know that we’ll do another Coat of Many Colors.”

The first film premiered to record ratings over the 2015 holidays, with Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love doing well the following year.

Alyvia Alyn Lind played Dolly age nine, and the Country Music Hall of Famer hopes that teh young actress will continue to portray her into the future.

“I think she could,” Dolly tells ABC Radio. “In fact, I’m hoping that she will be able to do that, even when I’m a teenager, when she grows up. Because I do hope to have The Adventures of Dolly, at some point: the things I’ve been through, and my travels, and my experience of going to Nashville. And someday that might even be a series of some sort.”

Dolly continues, “But I’m hoping that that all works out, because she did an amazing job. I just love little Aly. You know, she did so good and everybody just fell in love with her. So they’ll always tag her to me and I’ll always tag myself to her.”

This week, Parton presented the Library of Congress with the 100 millionth book from her literacy project, the Imagination Library. She also revealed a partnership to create a monthly story time that will be livestreamed to libraries across the U.S.

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