Rob ShanahanNot long ago, while he was performing in Las Vegas, Elton John got hit in the face when a fan threw some Mardi Gras beads at him. He was upset, but kept on singing. But Thursday night in Vegas, Elton got so heated over his fans’ behavior that he stormed off stage.

When he performs “Saturday Night’s (Alright for Fighting)” in Vegas, Elton invites the audience in the first few rows to come onstage, stand around his piano and dance. But as fan video posted by TMZ reveals, on Thursday night, the fans onstage kept on trying to touch Elton as he was singing.

In the video, you can see him tell the fans to “f*** off!” repeatedly. Finally, he gets up and leaves, as the band continues to play.

When he finally returned, he sat back down at the piano and declared, “No more coming on stage on ‘Saturday Night.’ You f****d it up!” He then played “Circle of Life.”

It’s no wonder that Elton’s ready to retire from touring.

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