NetflixYou now can get your first look at Paradox, the new movie starring Neil Young that was written and directed by his girlfriend, actress Daryl Hannah. The official trailer for the film has premiered on the Netflix YouTube channel.

The promo begins with a montage of images, including a cluster of white tents under a starry sky, a forest path, a marshy pond and a deer’s skull tied to a wooden board. At the same time, we hear Willie Nelson‘s voice saying, “Many moons ago, in the future, a mangy group of outlaws hid out by a precious water source, while the real bad guys quietly stole the seeds of life.”

We see those outlaws — played by the members of Young’s current backing group, Promise of the Real — walking through the woods, and then sitting around a campfire and throwing their hats in the air, firing guns and yelling.

We then get a close-up look at Neil’s character, we hear him singing his recent song “Peace Trail” as an unidentified voice declares, “The Man in the Black Hat, I hear he can be kind of shaky.”

This is likely an inside joke: Neil has directed five music-related films under the alias “Bernard Shakey.”

The trailer continues with quick glimpses of a young girl running toward the tents, the outlaws entering another and performing a tune, and Neil handing a flower to the girl.

As the trailer ends, we hear Nelson’s voice say, “Thankfully, music still helped our spirits fly.” We then see a man’s legs leave the ground and float in the air.

Paradox gets its world premiere on Thursday, March 15, at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas, and makes its TV debut on Friday, March 23, on Netflix.

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