Courtesy of Rock & Roll Hall of FameHopes that Dire Straits might reunite to perform at the 2018 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony seem dim following a report that neither frontman Mark Knopfler nor his brother, founding rhythm guitarist David Knopfler, will be attending the event.

As part of a conversation on a Facebook community page, someone identifying himself as David Knopfler revealed Monday that he decided not take part in the ceremony because the Rock Hall had reneged on a promise to pay his travel expenses.

Knopfler, who was responding to a question posed by reporter Michael Norman, went on to complain, “I can well understand that with only $5 mil a year in sponsorships and [$100,000] a table and no fees for the artist that paying my taxi to the airport must have given them heart murmurs like Squeers hearing Oliver Twist asking for more and frightened them into refusal otherwise one might get the wrong idea entirely about what they’re all about.”

When Norman revealed he was a member of the Cleveland media and was interested in talking further with him about the Rock Hall, David responded by saying, “I think I’ve already said too much,” adding, “It’s a great honour to be nominated all the rest is just the usual Faustian BS.”

Later on in the thread, David told another participant in the conversation that the only Dire Straits members who would be attending the ceremony were “John [Illsley], Alan [Clark] and Guy [Fletcher].”

As for why his brother, Mark, wasn’t going to the ceremony, David said, “Mark has other more creative things to be doing with his time. I doubt I’d have done differently in his shoes.”

The 2018 Rock Hall induction ceremony takes place Saturday, April 14, in Cleveland.

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