BMGForty years after their career began, Simple Minds are making sure fans don’t forget about them by releasing a brand-new album, Walk Between Worlds. The disc, which is out now, finds frontman Jim Kerr and company revisiting their new wave roots while also exploring modern sounds and mature themes.

“We wanted to be full of vitality [on the album],” Kerr tells ABC Radio. “We wanted to reflect and conjure up a lot of the ghosts of the past…but we wanted it to be very much of the moment, to be contemporary as well.”

The singer says Simple Minds tried to “make every minute count in terms of quality” on Walk Between Worlds, which has eight tracks and runs 40 minutes, much like a classic vinyl album. Also like a classic album, Jim says the collection essentially features two separate sides.

“[T]he first four tracks are the new wave-y sound,” he notes. “They’re punchy. They sound much younger than we are, and they sound great for it. The next four tracks…they’re coming from an older man’s experience…The music is deeper, the tracks are longer, there’s a profundity there.”

Kerr tells ABC Radio that another interesting aspect about the album is that the opening and closing tracks, “Magic” and “Sense of Discovery,” are “both about faith, but from a different angle.”

Jim says the faith he sings about in “Magic” reflects the belief he had as a teenager that he would succeed in the music world. As for “Sense of Discovery,” Kerr says it’s about an older man “looking at the young guy and saying, ‘Yeah, it’s gonna be all right, but you’re gonna have to experience a few blows.'”

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