Doug SondersEighteen years ago, Rod Stewart underwent surgery for thyroid cancer. He’s now had another operation, but it’s apparently not as serious.

The British paper The Mirror reports that, while appearing at the British Film Institute on Sunday for a Q&A session, Rod had a number of adhesive bandages on his right hand. He explained, “I have just had a little operation on my hand. I had a couple of sun things there and they burnt them off.”

During the session, the 73-year-old Rock and Roll Hall of Famer was asked, in this era of #MeToo, to discuss how he treated female fans back in the late ’60s and early ’70s. According to Rod, he was always a perfect gentleman.

“Women literally used to throw themselves at us…[but] I would never touch a girl unless she wanted me to,” he said. “Things have changed. You could get away with a bit more in those days than you can now and things have changed for the good.”

Rod also added that he wouldn’t necessarily give the 19-year-old version of himself any advice. “I think he did everything right,” he said of young Rod. “I think I was very respectful of the audience. There were never any tantrums.”

“What would I teach myself? F*** all,” he added. “I admire myself. I had a bit of spunk about me. I love that.”

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