Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for CoachellaMany artists let their fans into their creative process, virtually, by posting footage of their work in the recording studio. Nile Rodgers has gone a step further, posting a video to Facebook of the bloody moments after he reports breaking his nose by tripping on the top stair of his studio.

“I guess that’s what you call a slip and fall injury,” the 65-year-old jokes weakly while gasping through a blood-soaked paper towel. He then says, presumably to the person who’s recording, “I think we better go to the hospital, bro.”

The Chic founder later updated his fans via tweet, “When I arrived at the hospital the [doctor] said…I did everything right. I’m going to be fine even w[ith] the broken nose.”

However, it seems Rodgers had second thoughts about being so communicative with fans, after receiving lots of concerned messages. A few hours later he tweeted again, “MY FAULT: THX 4 THE LUV BUT Please stop calling me so I can heal. I have an charity event in two days. The human body is a magnificent machine and I’m healing well after my horrible fall. Let me sleep. LOVE EVERYBODY, N.”

The event Rodgers is referring to is this Friday’s We Are Family gala in New York City, which will honor Roger Daltrey and LL Cool J and also feature a concert with Daltrey, LL Cool J, and Chic.

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