Nonesuch/Warner Bros. Records“Been there, done that,” said Robert Plant when asked by Mojo magazine about the drug-related deaths of Tom Petty and Prince. No one with even the vaguest knowledge of Led Zeppelin back in the day would argue with that, but these days, Plant lives a different life.

On the edge of turning 70, the singer admits he still has drugs around, but this time, it’s a warning to himself to stay away. Specifically, Plant says he’s got three Quaaludes — a sedative popular in the ’70s — still in their original prescription bottle. “The label…says, ‘Robert Plant – for sleeplessness’ – it looks like an album cover,” he said. ‘Three [of them], from Schwartz pharmacy in L.A., and I often think to myself, ‘Wow, there they are poison!'”

Plant joked to the magazine that at his age, sleeping pills are more his speed, and he might actually take one on August 20, his 70th birthday.

“If ever there’s a day for opiates,” he said, “I might drop an Ambien and see what happens. If there’s a bustle in the hedgerow, it’ll be me, snoring!”

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