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The latest video from U2, for “Love Is Bigger than Anything in Its Way,” has been released, and it’s cast almost exclusively with LGBTQ youth.

The treatment was directed by Vogue photographer and director David Mushegain, who was invited by U2’s manager to listen to the tracks of Songs of Experience and see if any spoke to him creatively.

“I gravitated towards [this] song immediately,” he said of his track selection. “It has the spirit of these young people…the spirit that says whatever’s in your way, you can overcome it. It’s such an uplifting song, it has such a positive spirit.”

The video shows young people dancing, but Mushegain says, “While filming I didn’t actually play the song for anyone… I just wanted to document people being themselves and having fun and then put it to the song later.”

Though most of the young people featured are dancing, some are standing stilll, which the director says he chose “because we get this moment to really stare at someone and appreciate their eyes, their style, and get a taste of their soul. Then when we see the dancing clips we see another side of their personality.”

Though the bulk of the cast is LGBTQ youth, Mushegain notes, “the community also includes friends and family, so really it’s inclusive of everyone.”

The end result is a joyous celebration in the spirit of the song. The video for “Love Is Bigger than Anything in Its Way” is available now on YouTube. There’s also a behind-the-scenes story on U2’s website.

In other U2 news, the band’s just released a new version of “Lights of Home,” remixed by Beck. You may recall Beck opened for U2 on a handful of dates last year on the Joshua Tree tour.

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